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中山市華升電子有限公司旗下品牌:華升黑豹、 華升犀牛、 華升孔雀。

Zhongshan Wasing Electronics co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company that produces Wasing Panther lighting product series, Wasing Rhino electronic product series and Wasing Peacock household appliances series. Over 500 different types of Wasing products are sold well in different markets, from domestic to over-sea countries. Among them, Wasing Panther lighting product series is a middle and high grade daily product that suitable for occasions like household, schools, factories, mines and companies, which is specially designed to satisfy the domestic and foreign market demands, and recommended by customers in global world.

So far, Wasing has strong product researching ability as well as its mould making ability, hardware/plastic processing ability and product packing/assembling ability. For years Wasing cooperates with famous foreign companies and exports its products. Wasing improved itself by following the codes of modern enterprise management to organize and administrate the company team. Motivated by the policy “excellent quality, customer satisfaction.” Wasing will work with perseverance, strive for excelsior and show our diligent work to global consumers with integrity.

Zhongshan Wasing electronic co., LTD. Brand:

Wasing Panthers Series;

Wasing Rhinoceros Series;

Wasing Peacock Series.